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Below are recommended readings for book reviews.  This list is by no means exclusive, but if you'd like to read and review a book that is not on this list, please check with your instructor (dgking@siu.edu).

To see a brief description or review of any book, copy and paste the book's title, in quotes, into the search window at Amazon.com.  Follow the links to the book and then to "editorial reviews" (not "customer reviews").  Alternatively, paste the title into a general-purpose search engine (e.g., Yahoo.com) and collect some more wide-ranging listings.  For expert reviews, try New York Times Review of Books.

CAUTION:  Evolution forms a dubious foundation for much modern myth-making.  Some authors have agendas that extend beyond scientific information -- they use evolution to rationalize attitudes that more properly belong in the domains of economics, politics, philosophy, religion (see scientism).  Be alert to underlying presumptions, worldviews, and perspectives, whether explicitly stated or not.

Even within science, there are divergent stances on major issues, such as modes of speciation, prevalence of adaptation, methods of phylogenetic analysis, and extent of genetic specification of complex traits.  Several of the authors below do not hesitate to trash the work of others on the list (often the hostility is mutual).  It can be quite interesting to locate and read opposing views.  

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